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Why Come to Counseling?

You might come to counseling because your parents, teachers or friends think there is a problem. Many times, people feel like they are being forced to participate in therapy. Or, maybe there is something that is bothering you. Sometimes, everybody involved agrees things could be better and want life to improve.

Common reasons young adults come to see me:

  • Need help "figuring things out"

  • Problems with friends and family

  • Needing to talk to someone about your sexuality

  • Being stressed out and worried most of the time

  • Misuse of alcohol, drugs and food

  • Getting into trouble at school, at home or with the police

  • Feeling alone, like no one understands

  • Being very angry or sad much of the time

  • Emotions that feel out of control

  • Thinking and feeling that life is not worth living and nothing matters

  • Hurting yourself such as "cutting"or burning, or having urges to do so

  • Doing things that put your physical health at risk: like risky sexual behavior, refusing to eat, purging food or excessive exercise

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