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adventure therapy

At Compass Counseling, Adventure Therapy consists of experiences and activities that are both designed and led by a licensed psychotherapist.

I go on adventures with my clients. The activity is chosen uniquely for each client or group. Every adventure has a pre-determined series of activities programmed to explore themes such as leadership, trust, self-esteem, body image or coping style. However, the lessons, growth and wisdom taken away from these excursions are often surprising and surpass curriculum goals. 
For those participating in our Adolescent/Young Adult Dialectical Behavior Therapy program, Adventure Therapy provides the opportunity to practice learned skills in different settings. We can use nature to both support and challenge us. 

Some examples of activities are:

  • indoor games/challenges

  • nature walk

  • kayaking/paddle boarding

  • slack-lining

  • ropes course

  • indoor rock climbing

  • snorkeling

  • sailing

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